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Hi beloved Bonsai Community!

I know that taking care of bonsai is an engagement with significant responsibility and commitment. It is three dimensional art on a living object which responds to your care and love over many many years.

I am genuinely interested in your opinion and thoughts about the development of a sensor, that would help you taking care of your trees. Normal plant sensors currently available in the market are not really usable and not reliable enough for bonsai. In my opinion, they are too low in quality, too bulky and would also disturb the aesthetic of the bonsai.

What would think about a hidden, non-visible sensor for your Bonsai that helps you silently caring for your tree? The sensor would measure soil moisture (keeping them safe from drying out or watering too much), temperature (if a freezing cold night is coming or when the sun is heating up the pot and boils the roots) and lux (does your tree have enough sunlight). It would also tell you if the bonsai has been stolen or if a storm has tipped the tree over.

I would appreciate any (constructive) feedback from as many people as possible. some point in the near future...there might interesting news for you... ;-)

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